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well i'm back home. MA is cold, actually thats a lie.. today my moms audi (which ive been driving because my defroster is blown, waaaayyyo) said 62 degrees!

i havent seen john (or anyone) much, because my parents are capitalizing all my time, which sucks..

john and i went into boston on wednesday and went shopping for 10 hours. actually 6, we went on the train for 2 and played around for another 2. anywho, all my xmas shopping is done. and i made him spend no money. it was the rule for the day, i treated him!
it was wonderful, it was misting and yet snowy and we were kissing under the streetlamps, and it made me fall in love with him all over again.

he could have asked me again, and i would have been just as sure.

aw we saw katz, and i missed his cute butt!!!

anyways, i made 7 dozen chocolate chip/ chocolate peanut butter cookies. theyre chewy style, so theyre still delicious days later.

i got a dozen christmas roses :) and my beautiful tiffany bracelet was engraved secretly while i was away. it says "luckiest" which i suppose is obvious, but actually is a lyric to a song, so it holds more meaning.

we're meeting to exchange gifts tomorrow morning at our breakfast place, oh my goodness i cannot wait! right now i cant practically taste kisses and smiles.

i would normally be shooting myself for being so cutesy.. but its christmas, now is the time for sweetness. now new years... thats another story ;)

i'll update again soon! <3
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