Lolita (lolaogeisha) wrote,

oooo you touch my tra-la-la...

ah new years!
what up 2005????

i cant believe its 2005, i graduated last year!

new years was good, dinner at oak with john was incredible and so fucking amazing, expensive but definatly worth it. he had beef skewers and a side of duck and lava choclate cake, i had lobster bisque and swordfish and lava cake. oh god and we drank vass. i love vass. how lame am i? anyways, it was lovely and john reserved us a seat by the window and i was worried because it was expensive but of course he didnt care and it was just so romantic and so amazing.
then we headed to petes, the party was ok, i was sad because petes mom was not very happening.. but i suppose i understand. i wore my backless blue dress, everyone seemed to be a fan, because even though it has no back, its decidedly unsexual, haha kinda.
anyways we stayed at the party for awhile and then i called bex because she had rtun off with some ladies anbd she was like "uhh ive been trying to call you.. come help.. we dont know what to do" and so mama elle came over and tried to help. kori burnham, youre the cutest thing EVER.
anyways, we went to evans for a second, and it was a party on a roof in an expensive house and it was a little crazy for me, lol. no it was nice, i didnt know anyone though.
so we left.

anyways, new years.. that was a quality eve let me just say.
oh and john and i killed a $50 bottle of champagne betweeen the two of us. how is that possible?

this morning, breakie at bickfords.. i'm as fat as a pig.. oh god it was so good.

happy new years!
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