Lolita (lolaogeisha) wrote,

i can see the sunset in your eyes. brown and gray, and blue besides.

oh yes, thats right. i just paid a full 99 cents on iTunes for peter fucking frampton. and it was worth every penny. i didnt bring home ANY dvds. and i miss my high fidelity. thats what u watch whenever i'm sick and i dont have i. :(

so ive been essentially dead for like 4 days.
sometime on sunday we had lox and bagels and i felt ill afterwards so i laid down on the couch.. and john wasnt feeling well so he came over once my parents left but then they said they were coming right back so he got back in the car and he drove back home.
so i laid on the couch watching vh1 (i love love love vh1) until like 8.. my parents came home with 4 lb lobsters. so after i ate that huge fucking water antelope i felt decidedly ill, and passed out on the couch.
at 11 my parents were like go up stairs, do not wahs your face just get in bed. but i did brush my teeth. shudder. and they took my temp, which i was 103.7,, oh dandy.
by the next morning it was down to 102, but my throat was legitimatly closed up. so monday i didnt get out of bed until 9, when i went downstairs and ate some broth!
tuesday i was feeling much better, and i got up at 11 and took a shower and my temp was down to 100, so i went to the eye doctor and my mom bought me dairyqueen on the way home, but i couldnt even finish it. we went to do bra shopping, which i absoltuly hate hate hate.
anyways, by the time we left the store i felt ill again so we went home and i went back to bed. and by the time i had my dr.s appointment at 7 pm i was back up to 101.5.
so, the diagnosis is strep throat!
and they gave me medicine and its making me feel better, but i still have a fever.

i feel like i missed alot. like people leaving for school etc.

oh john did the sweetest thing. when i got back from my appointment at 7, there was a bag on the front porch, and it was a mogu! because he has mine!
it was so nice and he left me a little notey and it was just wonderful.

so now i'm just sitting here, contagious!
puppy is sleeping next to me (hes been taking great care of me!!) peter frampton is playing and i think 'm going to make some tea. oh, and its snowing.
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