Lolita (lolaogeisha) wrote,

and i always sleep with my gun when youre gone.

wow, my freshman year is almost over..

ok so first things first:

those are the spring break pictures!

secondly, i do not have a new boyfriend. contrary to popular belief, i am single and that is fine. i just got out of a very serious relationship, remember?

and speaking of which, if he has called anyone out of the blue (like, the first time in 6 months) and just basically bitched about me or something to that extent, i am really sorry. its a messy situation all around.

anyways other than that, life has been good. i chill with my friends on my floor, and of course my sorority sister (big/little week!!) and it was fun seeing everyone on spring break (kay!!) but i wish i had seen more of you (kori :( ) anyways, i'm doing well, i'll probably update more later. bahamas was crazy. school was crazy.. everything is good.

happy easter, today remember christ, he died for our sins.
i mean that in a completely unironic way.
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