Lolita (lolaogeisha) wrote,


i was invited to the naval academy military ball, but i'm home instead.
my room is the same, my parents are the same. you know.
danny called and said john and ted were downstairs stoned and sleeping and it makes sense. everything is perfect again, i'm glad theyre all together. and though i'd like to see them, and hang out with everyone. i'm not fucking stupid.
the puppy is on the end of the bed and hes so sweet.
i think i'm going to france with my sister in june.
shes graduating on monday.
i think i'm going to get a nose job this summer, my father and i have spoken about it realistically.
i'm tired and i miss school. i dont like it here, theres a reason i didnt miss it.
i wish i was sitting smoking a cigarette and having a drink in the nice baltimore nightime right now.
i got stoned last night ad watched star wars with the mental notes on a projection screen. then they went to the movie, and i walked to wolman and mccoy and then down into the city and then back home. it was warm out and it felt like a storm was coming all day.
i suppose i need to sleep.
i'm ready for the verbal bashing which will surely ensue tomorrow. a few hours i think?
why would that aspect of this hell change?
yeah, i'm home. call me or something.
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