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i black out and wake up to catastrophe.

Rap is somthing you do, Hiphop is something you live.

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TheLastTimeThatI: i mean as much as apple pie
tj thecat3: a la mode, baby
tj thecat3: :-)

bad little sister, not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, damn i'm so hood, you should see me in those jeans its hard to describe it, being cockys just a part of my vibe, i might stop to holla and pop my colla, i'm a little conceited but its always needed, love attention when i pass them by, see i show a little cleavage and catch his eye, just thought of us meetin, i was outside soakin, dude standing lookin, mouths wide open, i walked over, lickin my lips and adjusting my *****s and swishing my hips he threw his hand on my waist looked at my face and said he wanna know why i taste...

"so wait.. if i have a hickey on my dick.. is it a dickey?"

Him: well, i drew that on a piece of paper... circled denoument.... put stars all around it... and put a leonard cohen quote in the middle
Me: and..?
Him: gave it to her?
Him: well, left it in her bag
Him: what?
Me: your so fucking emo
Him: well, duh?
Me: well its killing you
Him: now, the emo response would be, "i'm already dead"
Him: but, i'm not THAT emo
Him: so i'll just say, i did it to be funny
Him: because, it is pretty funny
Me: "drew the pyramid of the story plot and drew stars all around it. then i left it in her bag, so she might find it. let the heavens decide now, who holds the power to bind us.. together."
Me: there
Me: look
Him: hahaha
Me: save it
Me: because
Me: one day
Me: ima be famous
*'His' name has been left out, out of sheer fucking kindness of the goddamned embarrassment he deserves for this conversation!

we can role play it, you be the pilot i'll be the stewardess, boy i aint new to this, whjen i lay on my stomach and throw my legs back, yall probably wont know how to act.

You talked about Crisis as the ultimate
decision a character makes, but what if a
writer is attempting to create a story
where nothing much happens, where people
don't change, they don't have any
epiphanies. They struggle and are
frustrated and nothing is resolved. More
a reflection of the real world --

The real world? The real fucking world?
First of all, if you write a screenplay
without conflict or crisis, you'll bore
your audience to tears. Secondly:
Nothing happens in the real world? Are
you out of your fucking mind? People are
murdered every day! There's genocide and
war and corruption! Every fucking day
somewhere in the world somebody
sacrifices his life to save someone else!
Every fucking day someone somewhere makes
a conscious decision to destroy someone
else! People find love! People lose it,
for Christ's sake! A child watches her
mother beaten to death on the steps of a
church! Someone goes hungry! Somebody
else betrays his best friend for a woman!
If you can't find that stuff in life,
then you, my friend, don't know much
about life! And why the fuck are you
taking up my precious two hours with your
movie? I don't have any use for it! I
don't have any bloody use for it!

Okay, thanks.

I know the light is bright but keep on watching me
I'm stolen property, kicking the flavor to society.
Police be clocking me, but logically they got to be
cause they were taught that serious poetry would come from Socrates

i'm sorry that i am
like words thrown without definitions, i dont mean to be
(i was going to change the world you know, but all i changed was you.)

smoking purple haze in the cemetary next to the highway, losing
track of time and getting locked in the cemetary.
security officer: "what are you still doing here?"
elle: "we lost track of.. time.."
security officer: "the cemetary closes at seven"
elle: (pointing to the clock) "oh.. i didn't... we didn't have.."
security officer: "you're wearing a watch."

psychologically, the guns that you use will define you.

Showin my authority, superiority, an artistic minority, now you startin me, cuz party philosophy can only be carried out by me.

they're not putting both feet in and your ankles are flooded, don't you feel naked enough without baring your soul?
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